Our Layers of Safety

Our Safety Policy

We provide proper safety training and safety equipment to protect our workforce; and provide a managed safety plan for each project, big or small. As a leader in commercial roofing, we strive to stay ahead of OSHA fall protection provisions. Our strong safety record makes J.B. Turner and Sons an attractive roofing contractor for potential employees and clients alike.

Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR)

A company’s EMR is calculated from a formula comparing a company’s workers’ compensation claims to other similar-sized employers operating in the same business type. All employers start with an EMR of 1.0. If a company operates 20% better than average, its EMR would be a .80; if it is 20% worse than average, its EMR would be 1.20. J.B. Turner and Sons’ EMR is .67, which is outstanding in the roofing industry!

Summit Safety Group

Our Safety Consultant: Summit Safety Group

Our jobs are randomly audited weekly by Summit Safety Group, which has provided safety and environmental services for years. They utilize Certified Safety Professionals that have worked with a variety of businesses throughout the Midwest. They are committed to helping clients achieve reductions in accidents and implementing programs to comply with OSHA and EPA requirements.

ISNetwork Member Contractor

ISN Member Contractor

J.B. Turner and Sons is an ISN Member Contractor. Each of ISN’s contract companies is required to subscribe and maintain a subscription to ISNetworld. ISNetworld serves as an information management system to their clients. They collect and verify documentation to ensure that contractors and vendors comply with OSHA requirements and their clients’ own health and safety requirements.

Avetta Member

Avetta Member

J.B. Turner and Sons is an Avetta member. Avetta membership requires compliance to health, safety, environmental, and other legislative standards to ensure the work environment remains safe.