Professional Commercial & Industrial Roofing Services

New Construction / Roof Replacement

We employ skilled craftsmen trained and experienced in installing built-up roofs, single-ply systems, modified bitumen, metal, shingles, or virtually any other commercial roofing system available.

Maintenance and Repair

We repair roof leaks to keep your business safe and functioning. We also inspect and evaluate existing roof systems to determine budgets for repairs to maintain the roof’s integrity. Finally, we prepare multi-year plans to extend the life of your roof.

Emergency Service and Repairs

We respond to wind and hail-damaged roofs 24/7 within 24 hours, making the necessary repairs to damaged areas to keep you watertight. We evaluate the damaged roof areas and work for you, with your insurance company, to permanently repair or replace your roof to your maximum insurance benefit allowed for your situation.

Design / Build

We work with our leading manufacturers and local architect firms to design a roof system that meets your needs and capital plan.

Sheet Metal Division

In addition to our roofing operations, J.B. Turner and Sons have a full-service sheet metal shop. We employ highly skilled sheet metal forming employees who are capable of completing the most demanding projects. In addition to our skilled workers, J.B. Turner and Sons have invested in computer-controlled sheet metal shearing and fabrication equipment. As a result, our sheet metal shop can fabricate architectural metal components for both interior and exterior projects. We work with various metals, including steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and brass.