Project Portfolio of Commercial & Industrial Roofing

As a leading commercial & industrial roofing contractor in Topeka, KS, J.B. Turner & Sons provides roofing solutions to corporate and private clients. Check out our previous projects below and get in touch for more information. Depending on your needs, we might be able to help out immediately.

Associated General Contractors Building: This project required the tear-off and replacement of the TPO roof system with new exterior edge metal. The existing HVAC system proved to be a challenge, but we successfully accomplished weather tightness.
Benton Hall 
An asbestos abatement shingle removal and installation of new 50-year architectural shingles. Logistics proved a challenge with the Washburn University being in session. 
Christ the King Church 
We removed the existing Hypalon roof system and installed a new Carlisle fully adhered TPO roof system. Challenges of this roof included the steepness of the slope, the circular pattern of the roof, and high visibility. The results were magnificent! 
Fellowship Bible Church 
What a unique job! This was a new construction striated, curved panel, metal roof system, unique in design on a Loadmaster deck. Great care had to be taken on the installation of this product to achieve weather-tight functionality and the aesthetics of the curved system. 
Frito Lay Plant 
Frito Lay, being a processing facility, has unique situations that must be dealt with on a one-by-one basis—as with all roof systems, maintaining the facility’s work schedule while coordinating the replacement of a complete roof system was vital to the client’s satisfaction. 
Kansas Children’s Service League Building 
We worked closely with the owner’s representative to achieve the ultimate look for this facility with new shingles and intricate metal work.
Mother Teresa Church 
This job was a challenge to meet the design requirements of a curved panel roof. We worked closely with the architect and the builder to satisfy the required parameters. 
Oakland Community Center 
This was a design-build project. We designed the various roofing and exterior metal systems based on customer needs, design, and budget limitations. We used two different roof systems according to roof location for durability and energy cost savings. 
Plymouth Church 
This job was a wind-damaged project that we approached with its towers blown off and shingles lost. Its location in downtown Lawrence required us to coordinate closely with several parties to replace the damaged roof and remove and reinstall the towers. 
Seaman High School 
A very difficult wall panel system with individual pieces that were specifically factory-made and installed on site. It was critical that we work closely with the manufacturer to successfully acquire the precise measurements to achieve the desired results. 
Light of the World 
Due to the length of some of the panels being over 100 feet, a roll form machine produced them on site.  This eliminated any seams in the field. 
Washburn University Dining Hall
This was a new construction project with both sloped and flat roofs. The architect chose modified bitumen with the equipment and foot traffic that will be on the roof. In addition, ultra-White color was selected to be more reflective than standard color.