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Physical Address:
J.B. Turner and Sons
6700 SW Topeka Blvd.
Forbes Field, Building # 344
Topeka, KS, 66619

Mailing Address:
J.B. Turner and Sons
P.O. Box 19525
Topeka, KS, 66619

Telephone Number: (785)233-9603. 
(Dialing this number after hours will take you to our automated voice service, from which you can dial the extension of the person you wish to contact or you can wait to be directed)

 Fax: (785)233-3868

Employee Contacts:
(Extensions are for number listed above)


John Turner(Owner/General Manager/President)
Extension#: 203
E-mail: jturner@jbturnerandsons.com 
Lori Turner(Co-Owner/Vice-President/Accounts Payable)
Extension#: 214
E-mail: lturner@jbturnerandsons.com

Nicky Hulsether (Human Resource Manager)
Extension#: 200
E-mail: nhulsether@jbturnerandsons.com

John O'Bray(Chief Estimator/Project Manager)
Extension#: 202
Cell Phone#: (785)224-7778
E-mail: jobray@jbturnerandsons.com

Marianne Donnelly(Controller)
Extension#: 212 
E-mail: mdonnelly@jbturnerandsons.com

Brian O'Neill (Estimator)
Extension#: 220
Cell Phone#: (785)221-0254
E-mail: boneill@jbturnerandsons.com

Randy Wilson(Maintenance Director)
Extension#: 208
Cell Phone#: (785)640-5461
E-mail: rwilson@jbturnerandsons.com